The Private Forest Landowners Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the responsible stewardship of B.C.’s private forest lands. Passionate about sustainable forest practices, PFLA members strive to balance environmental values, community interests and economic realities.

Vancouver Island marmot in the grass


PFLA members follow a Best Management Practices (BMP) Program to ensure, promote and protect key public environmental values. In fact, more than 30 acts and regulations govern management activities on private forest land in British Columbia…[learn more].

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Managed forest owners promote and protect healthy ecosystems on their lands for the ecological benefit of everyone. B.C.’s private forests also provide the backdrop for some of the province’s most stunning vistas, world-famous landscapes and, where permitted, amazing outdoor recreational opportunities… [learn more].

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Private forest land accounts for a small percentage of B.C.’s land base, but plays a significant role in the economy. Managed forest owners produce more than 10% of the annual timber harvest and contribute more than $450 million dollars in annual economic activity.… [learn more].