deerReminder: September 10th through December 10th marks your annual three-month window of opportunity to influence the management of black-tail deer on your property.

Managing deer populations is an on-going concern for private forest landowners.

While deterrents like browse protectors, repellents and fencing can be effective, they’re also time consuming and expensive to implement and maintain.

Hunting is an effective method to help protect your forest from the damage that browsing deer (and other ungulates) can cause.

For your information, we’ve included a link to the B.C. government website with relevant hunting information and the complete 2016-2018 Hunting and Trapping Regulations Synopsis.

The document:

  • Sets out general hunting information
  • Summarizes important hunting regulations
  • Defines open seasons with maps indicating closed areas

If you’re looking for expert assistance to help manage your deer problems before hunting season ends, please contact us directly to be added to our list of private land hunting opportunities for responsible and experienced deer hunters.