Changes in season often inspire transformation—unexplained fits of cleanliness, bursts of organizational effort and the unrelenting urge to rid one’s self of unnecessary artifacts while reclaiming, with vigour, any lost treasures.

Overwhelmed by one such episode here at the PFLA headquarters, we came across a remarkable resource we’d almost forgotten about. We blew away the cobwebs, dusted off the surface and discovered, with relief, the contents are just as useful as the last time we checked.

The resource we’re referring to is, Managing Your Woodland: A Non-forester’s Guide To Small-scale Forestry in British Columbia.

The guide is written for non-foresters with the intent to make the practice of forestry understandable, awarding, profitable and fun. Originally published in 1988, reprinted in 1992 and then revised in 2002, under the Small Woodlands Program of BC initiative, the book is bursting with over 300 pages of information about the management of small woodlands in British Columbia for a range of social, economic and environmental values.

Processor harvesting timber on private forest land

The guide deals with the who, what, why and how of sustainably managing a small private forest property primarily for timber production, but consideration is given to safeguarding or enhancing other resource values as well. Each chapter deals with a management phase, and together they provide the information you need to develop a Forest Management Plan for your woodland.

Tree seedlings protected from browsing deer

Of course, 300 pages of written material is a lot to digest all at once. We plan to breathe fresh life into this resource by posting regular snippets of seasonally relevant, timely and appropriate information. We’ll include links to the original source, along with further readings for those of you looking to dig a little deeper.

Watch this space for more information, coming soon, inspired by Managing Your Woodland: A Non-forester’s Guide To Small-scale Forestry in British Columbia.