Here at the PFLA blog we often post about log export policy because it’s an issue that directly effects our membership. Like most contentious policy issues, a complex mix of historical, ecological, political and economic factors mingle together to create the present climate.

In our humble opinion, the media hasn’t always done a great job portraying the complexity of log export policy in a balanced way that paints an accurate picture of the coastal logging industry.

That’s why we’d like to point your attention to a recent article by Gordon Hamilton in the Vancouver Sun—The economics of raw logs: The sale of unprocessed timber plays a controversial, but needed role in B.C.’s forestry sector.

Printed in the July 14, 2012 issue of the Vancouver Sun, here’s what we appreciate about the article:

  • It highlights the natural diversity of the coastal forest industry
  • Illustrates the relationships and negotiations necessary to operate successfully within the current policy framework
  • Demonstrates how quickly markets change
  • Emphasizes the need for policies that foster the flexibility necessary to compete
  • Makes it clear that log exports are, and always have been, an integral part of a complex mix of factors that constitute the coastal forest industry

You can read the complete article here. Let us know what you think.