Tina Ireland photo

Tina Ireland, Director, Property Owners, BC Assessment

A big PFLA thanks to Tina Ireland, Director, Property Owners with BC Assessment for her presentation at the PFLA annual conference, June 4, 2015 in Courtenay, BC.

For those of you who couldn’t join us, you can see Tina’s presentation slides below. To enlarge the presentation click on the white box with the arrows in the bottom right corner and then use the arrows in the centre to scroll through the presentation.

The PowerPoint slides include:

  • a brief history of BC Assessment
  • information about the annual assessment roll
  • key dates for assessment
  • list of property classifications
  • highlights from the 2015 assessment roll
  • facts about managed forest classification
  • information about the managed forest application process
  • details about bare land rate and cut timber rate calculations for managed forest land


Thanks again to Tina Ireland for the presentation. While not included in the slides, the issue of grandfathering was also discussed.

Tina Ireland explained, “When the Act changed in 2004 there was an understanding that any properties that didn’t meet the new qualifications would remain in Managed Forest classification. However, if a property is sold, and the new owner doesn’t meet the new regulations, then they are no longer eligible for Managed Forest classification.”

To date, the practice has been that BC Assessment won’t remove people from Managed Forest classification if the property is being handed down within the family, but this practice is currently under review. Tina is not saying there will be changes, but she’s letting the group know the practice is under review.

Robbie Preston highlighted some concerns for forest owners engaged in estate planning and managing their affairs. He encouraged any clarity BC Assessment can offer on the subject. He also suggested some printed guidelines would go a long way to helping forest owners plan for themselves and their family’s futures.

Tina confirmed the goal of the review process is to provide clarity for both forest owners and BC Assessment. The review is underway now, and answers are expected by fall 2015. Tina emphasized she doesn’t foresee any changes, but if changes arise that significantly effect forest owners there will be a consultation process with the community before any changes are finalized.

If you have any comments or feedback you can reach BC Assessment by phone at:  1-866-valueBC (1-866-825-8322) Ext. 00225 or by email at: managedforest@bcassessment.ca