Rod Davis, Chair of the Managed Forest Council

Rod Davis, Chair of the Managed Forest Council

Thanks to Rod Davis, Chair of the Managed Forest Council, for his presentation at PFLA’s 20th annual conference in Courtenay, June 4th, 2015.

If you weren’t able to attend the conference, you can view the slides from Rod Davis’s presentation below. To enlarge the presentation click on the white box with the arrows in the bottom right corner and then use the arrows in the centre to scroll through the presentation.

The slides include information about:

  • Who council and staff members are
  • List of key management objectives for Managed Forest land
  • Budget trends for the MFC
  • Activities highlights from 2014 for the Managed Forest Program
  • Owner activities (e.g. harvesting and reforestation levels) for 2014
  • Information about operation compliance to the legislative and regulatory requirements
  • Contact information for the MFC

A quick reminder: the Managed Forest Council (MFC) is the independent public regulator of forest practices under the Private Managed Forest Land Act.

The MFC is empowered to make and enforce regulations to encourage sustainable forest management and protect key environmental values on private managed forest land.

As the regulatory body, the MFC can:

  • Assign penalties
  • Make remediation orders
  • Enter into consent agreements
  • Revoke status for landowners
  • Issue stop work orders

The operations of the council are 100% funded by annual fees paid by managed forest owners.

An audit and inspection program is designed to ensure the council has adequate information of landowners’ operational compliance with the forest management requirements.

The Field Practices Guide (available as a pdf document on the MFC website) outlines practices, standards and expectations to ensure compliance with the regulatory requirements.

If you have any questions or feedback about the Managed Forest Program, you can reach the MFC by phone at: 250-386-5737 or by email at: