PFLA continues to diligently represent the interests of private forest owners at all levels of the public policy process. We expend considerable effort maintaining regular communication with elected officials, bureaucrats, ministry staff and community members to ensure the perspective of private forest owners is heard and understood.


Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities

Over the past two years, PFLA has maintained a watchful eye on the Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities initiative— a non-partisan, volunteer-supported effort organized to offer recommendations for forest lands management in British Columbia.

PFLA has paid close attention to the process and participated in a number of community public forums. Most recently, PFLA attended the Port Alberni Community Dialogue session where a draft strategic plan—Restoring BC’s Forest Legacy and Energizing the Forest Sector—was presented for discussion.

The document has the potential to influence public policy and shows an interest in private managed forest land. Specific recommendations include:

(page 7) —“Government to enter into a public consultation process and collaboration with land owners that will identify and respond to concerned citizen issues related to the impact of management of Private Managed Forest Lands on the protection of pubic resources and values.” (note: we’re pretty sure they mean public resources.)

(page 17)— “Encouraging Private Managed Forest Land owners to embark on a community communications program to inform concerned citizens of regulatory and non-regulatory practices conducted to protect public resources and values.”

Coincidentally, the Private Managed Forest Land Council also recognizes the value of the second recommendation and has already developed plans to embark on a community communications consultation process in the coming months.

PFLA supports healthy dialogue on the matter and looks forward to continuing to engage as the process evolves.


Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation

PFLA is participating in another round of public consultation with the Ministry of Environment as they review and revise changes to the Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation (OBSCR). Public input is now closed, but you can review proposed changes to the regulation online.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.