PFLA continues to work diligently with municipal, provincial and federal levels of government to ensure the perspective of private forest landowners is represented at all levels of the public policy process.

We have one more relevant matter to add to the unprecedentedly long list of public policy issues we updated you about back in September.

The Natural Resource Road Act Project

Currently, resource roads in British Columbia are administered through a host of different laws, many of which regulate a specific industry or activity. Often, resource roads are built for a specific purpose, but then used by multiple industries, commercial operations and the public.

The B.C. government is revisiting the existing legislative framework with the intent to better serve the current and future needs of all resource roads users.  The plan is to consolidate resource road legislation into a single act – the Natural Resource Road Act (NRRA).

In certain circumstances, the NRRA has the potential to affect private forest land. The PFLA is engaged in the public policy process and welcomes your feedback, questions or suggestions

You can find out more about the process, and the framework’s principles and policies, at the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations website, or you can access the full discussion paper here .

Feedback is encouraged and accepted until December 15, 2011.

Please contact Rod Bealing if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns. Or, leave us a comment below.