Rod Davis, Rod Bealing, Stuart MacphersonThe Private Managed Forest Land Council is an independent provincial agency established under the Private Managed Forest Land Act to protect key public environmental values on private managed forest land in British Columbia. As members of the regulatory body responsible for overseeing the Managed Forest Program, Chair, Rod Davis (left), and Executive Director, Stuart Macpherson (right), presented a program update at PFLA’s annual forestry forum. (Rod Bealing’s in the centre; slightly anxious to be shoulder to shoulder with the regulators.)

The PMFLC Update includes a brief outline of the purpose and structure of the council, an overview of the program, and a description of harvest activity for 2012. The presenters also explained the fee increase for 2013, highlighted the effectiveness of the current model and noted some common concerns raised by the public and local government. Conclusion: the Managed Forest Program is “well regulated and performance is quite outstanding.”

Stuart Macpherson also presented cursory findings from an effectiveness audit performed by a third party in the fall (2012) to determine whether the regulatory model achieves the desired environmental outcomes. The final report is pending.

You can view the complete PowerPoint presentation below.

Please contact the Private Managed Forest Land Council with any questions or for more information about the Managed Forest Program.