The Private Managed Forest Land Council (PMFLC) is the regulatory body responsible for the oversight of the Managed Forest Program in British Columbia. Members of the Council joined PFLA at our annual conference in early June to present an update on changes and developments relevant to forest owners.

Private Managed Forest Land Council members presenting at the PFLA conference

Rod and Josh Bealing (far right) were on hand to help answer the question, “Just how many Council members does it take to run a PowerPoint presentation?”

Technical challenges aside, Council members (from left to right) Blair Robertson (forest owner representative), Rod Davis (chair) and Phil O’Connor (executive director) presented an informative update which included:

  • An introduction to the PMFLC’s new executive director, Phil O’Connor.
  • Information about a recent change to the regulation, effective July 1, 2014: specific sections of Council’s regulation will now also apply to contractors, employees or agents working on behalf of the managed forest owner.
  • An explanation of the PMFLC budget and fees for the past five years.
  • Details about changes to the updated inspection form.
  • Highlights from the PMFLC’s 2012 effectiveness audit, including a couple of issue that were raised as a result of the audit.
  • An update on the Council’s communications strategy, including key steps and deliverables for 2013/2014, as well as related research findings and survey outcomes.

You can view the complete presentation below. Click on the arrows to move through the slides. You can click on the icon in the bottom right hand corner if you prefer to see the slides in fullscreen view.

If you have any questions about the information, please contact the Private Managed Forest Land Council directly.