The BC provincial government is in the process of regulating off-road vehicles (ORVs). Vera Vukelich gave a detailed presentation of the ORV Management Framework at the PFLA’s 2011 Private Forestry Forum.

Under the ORV Management Framework, vehicle registration is mandatory for ORVs operated on crown land: this applies to current and new owners, and includes safety regulations. A compliance and enforcement strategy is in the works, and the implementation process is expected to take about 2 years – this gives ICBC the time necessary to upgrade their systems.

In her presentation, Vera Vukelich was sincerely sensitive to the unique position of private forest landowners. The province is prepared to include or exclude private managed forestlands, from the legislation, based on input from the PFLA. One way or the other, ORV legislation will affect private forest landowners.

The question before the PFLA is how to respond? This is an opportunity for managed forest owners to influence policy development. The best course of action is for the PFLA to respond to government by the end of August with a solid PFLA position – a clear statement on whether we welcome the regulation of ORVs on private managed forestlands, or whether we oppose it. What do you think?