In a December 2, 2013 press release the Chair of the Private Managed Forest Land Council announced the appointment of a new Executive Director, Phil O’Connor, to replace retiring Executive Director, Stuart MacPherson.

The Private Managed Forest Land Council is the independent regulatory body, established under the authority of the Private Managed Forest Land Act, to ensure forest owners in the Managed Forest Program comply with provincially mandated forest practices regulations for soil conservation, water quality, fish and critical wildlife habitat and reforestation.

Rod Davis, Chair of the PMFLC, explains:

“With the retirement of Stuart Macpherson—who ably guided the Council from its inception—we were seeking an experienced leader with extensive experience and a deep understanding of the forest sector in B.C. from both the government perspective and that of private sector forest operators. Phil O’Connor’s career has touched on many aspects of forestry and sustainable forest management and he will provide a steady hand for the Council as we work to continue to protect environmental values on private managed forest lands.”

For more information, please read the full press release or visit the PMFLC website.

To avoid any confusion, please be reminded: Rod Bealing is the Executive Director of the Private Forest Landowners Association (that’s us) and he will continue as the Executive Director of the PFLA. The PFLA is an advocacy organization that represents forest owners, and the PMFLC is a regulatory agency that regulates forest management practices on private managed forest land in British Columbia.

For further clarification, please read our earlier post: How To Tell the Difference Between a Non-profit Organization and a Regulatory Agency.