BC Assessment & Managed Forest PowerPoint slidesAt PFLA’s 2015 conference Tina Ireland presented on behalf of BC Assessment. Part of that discussion included an announcement about the review process BC Assessment was undertaking around the practice of grandfathering undersized Managed Forest properties.

To date, there has been some uncertainty around the issue. The Managed Forest Council’s February newsletter includes information that sheds light on the situation.

In case you missed it, we’ve included the information below.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Managed Forest Council.

Here’s what the Managed Forest Council had to say in their February newsletter:

Grandfathering of Existing Undersized Managed Forests

BC Assessment legislation requires a Managed Forest (MF) to be at least 25 hectares in size. In 2004, owners of MF land less than 25 hectares were provided the option of having their undersized MF land remain as BC Assessment Managed Forest Land class 07.

There has been uncertainty regarding the eligibility of undersized MFs in the program once they are sold. BC Assessment has confirmed with our office that future sales of undersized MFs will not automatically trigger their removal from the program.

New owners of undersized MFs wanting to stay in the program, and who can demonstrate the land is a viable undersized MF, will be required to submit a new management commitment to the MF Council. If the management commitment is accepted by Council, our office will recommend to BC Assessment that the property continue as a viable undersized MF.