PFLA spends a considerable amount of energy ensuring the interests of private forest owners are represented at all stages and levels of the public policy process. We maintain regular communication with local, provincial and federal levels of government on a number of public policy files that directly effect the lives of the thousands of British Columbians who rely on managed forest operations for their livelihoods.

Some key policy files we keep a watchful eye on include:

  • Fire Prevention and Cost Sharing Agreements
  • Species at Risk Act
  • The Water Act
  • Migratory Birds Convention Act
  • Log Export Policy
  • Private Managed Forest Land Act

About twice a year, we write a public policy update to keep our members apprised of any new developments, important information or relevant news. Please follow the links below for the most recent policy updates as they happened.

PFLA Policy Update — November 2015

Includes: BC Assessment and Property Taxation, Species at Risk Act and Migratory Birds Convention Act; Water Protection, Log Export Restrictions, Galiano Island Residency Issue, Provincial Inventory Program, Wildfire Response Agreements

PFLA Policy Update — December 2014

Includes: Fair Log Pricing / Log Export Restrictions, The Canada and U.S. Softwood Lumber Agreement, Species at Risk Act, Water Sustainability Act, Property Taxation

PFLA’s Four Key Policy Priorities — June 2014

Includes: Fair Trade for Logs, Property Taxation and Succession Planning, Provincial Jurisdiction for Forest Management Activities, Wildlife Habitat Management

PFLA Policy Update — November 2013

Includes: Water Sustainability Act; Species at Risk Act (Northern Goshawk); CVRD Air Quality Program; Market Access

PFLA Policy Update — June 2013

Includes: Migratory Birds Convention Act and Regulations; Species at Risk Act; Critical Wildlife Habitat — MoU; Firefighting Cost Sharing Agreement; Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation

PFLA Policy Update — December 2012

Includes: Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities Initiative; Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation

PFLA Policy Update — November 2011

Includes: The Natural Resource Road Act Project

PFLA Policy Update — September 2011

Includes: Fire Prevention and Cost Sharing Agreements; Off Road Vehicles Act & Regulations; Private Managed Forest Land Act; Migratory Birds Convention Act; BC Species at Risk Task Force; New Water Sustainability Act; BC Log Export Policy Review