If you’re passionate about your work, you’re almost never in it for the recognition. Here at the PFLA we’re lucky to work with talented and impressive people who are passionate about the contributions they make to the sustainable management of B.C.’s private forests. Sure, they’re not in it for the recognition, but nonetheless, they deserve it.

Unable to resist such a handy feedback mechanism for letting people know their work is noticed and appreciated, PFLA took the opportunity to acknowledge four noteworthy individuals, at our recent AGM in June, for their tenacious contributions to private forestry.

Rod Bealng presents Richard Ringma with a recognition award from PFLARod Bealing presented Richard Ringma with the coveted PFLA cutting board as a modest gesture of our appreciation. With almost 40 years experience in coastal B.C. log sales and distribution, Richard brings energy, enthusiasm and determination to PFLA’s market access efforts. His exceptionally helpful analysis of the fibre supply and fibre demand situation on the B.C. coast is valuable information we use to educate key audiences and help dispel some of the myths and rhetoric that surround log exports. PFLA is very lucky to know Richard and we appreciate all his energy and hard work.

PFLA supporting member Steve Lackey also received the coveted PFLA cutting board in recognition of his ongoing support of private forestry in B.C. Rod Bealing presents Steve Lackey with a recognition award from PFLASteve is well known by forest owners, and the coastal forest industry, through his involvement with safety audits and forest practices inspections. With over three decades of practical forest stewardship experience, and a strong talent for reforestation and community relations, Steve is a highly respected member of B.C.’s private forestry community. A former TimberWest employee, Steve’s been involved with PFLA since its inception in 1995, and a workshop regular for as long as we can remember. Big thanks to Steve for organizing PFLA’s 2013 forestry field tour—very much appreciated by all involved. Thanks Steve!

PFLA was also pleased to present Island Timberlands’ employees Morgan Kennah (Manager, Sustainable Timberlands and Community Affairs) and Kraig Urbanoski (Area Planner) with a recognition award for their creative, consistent and persistent community relation efforts in the urban interface. Along with the coveted PFLA cutting board, Morgan and Kraig were presented with the less-conventional, light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek tac vest award loaded with tools and resources to support their work.

The vest includes:

Binoculars—to help scan ahead and locate any ambushes on the horizon.

Compass—to help the wearer stick to the right path and find the high road.

Flashlight and cardboard tube—visual prop to remind the wearer there is light at the end of the tunnel (hopefully not from an oncoming train).

Rake—used to dig through the manure and get to the truth.

Safety whistle—to call for back-up as needed.

Magnifying glass—to assist in the quest to find ethics in journalism.

Re-purposed plastic PFLA Valentine’s heart—to remind the wearer: when it feels like nobody loves you, PFLA sure as heck does.

Cowboy hat—disguise to help the wearer blend in with farmers because they harvest their land several times each year and nobody seems to notice.