Since its inception in 1988, the Private Managed Forest Program has stood out as an efficient and innovative model for responsible forest management. Every now and again, PFLA enjoys the privilege of recognizing some of the folks who spend their days making the decisions, implementing the practices, managing the land and growing the trees that make this program a success.

At our recent AGM, PFLA was delighted to present two outstanding individuals, Dave Barker and Domenico Iannidinardo, with a small token of our appreciation for the contributions they continue to make to private forestry in B.C.

Dave Barker was presented with the PFLA Private Forest Stewardship Award for his creative and dedicated stewardship, over the past three decades, of a managed forest near Shawnigan Lake on southern Vancouver Island. Keeping with the owners’ esthetic values and environmental sensibilities, Dave works hard to manage the property for a combination of recreational and timber production objectives.

With his extensive knowledge and keen instincts, Dave crafts a silvicultural plan—thinning, single-tree selection harvesting, planting—that captures  timber value, minimizes soil disturbance and encourages the naturally occurring ecosystems to thrive with a long-term view of forest health and sustainability.

A resident cougar helps control the deer population, a resident caretaker helps deter trespass, garbage dumping and vandalism, and a management plan that goes above and beyond environmental regulations helps encourage and protect the fish and wildlife populations.

Dave’s work is an inspiring example of the innovative forest management practices that emerge when committed, motivated forest owners have the flexibility to make important management decisions about their forests. One last burst of applause for Dave Barker!

PFLA was also grateful for the chance to recognize a young Jedi of managed forestry, Domenico Iannidinardo, for outstanding leadership, and unrelenting dedication, championing the interests of private forest owners.

Over the past year, Domenico was instrumental in establishing the Canadian Association of Forest Owners (CAFO), a national coalition of associations, farmers, families and companies that own and manage forest land across Canada. CAFO members come together to provide a positive and consistent voice on federal legislation that ensures government policy is fair, environmentally sound and consistent with stewardship and investment on private forest lands.

Anyone who cares about B.C.’s forests can find inspiration and reassurance in Domenico’s dogged determination and passionate enthusiasm for the Managed Forest Program as an innovative model of responsible forest stewardship to be admired and emulated. Fist-waving hoots and hollers to Domenico for all his hard work.