Take a class of Carihi forestry students on a tour. More information below.

After a year break the forestry program at Carihi Secondary School in Campbell River is up and running again and they’re looking for help from the community. We’ve included the information from the latest Carihi Forestry newsletter below with all you need to know about how to get involved.

This year’s class includes 20 students in grades 10 to 12. “There is a lot of interest in forestry in this years group,” comments teacher Jason Kerluck.  “It is a keen group who are looking to learn more about forestry, and potentially gain entry into the industry through initial employment and/or pursuing post-secondary education.”

Jason Kerluck is in his 5th year of the program, which is heavily funded by the TLA and supported by many local forest companies and associations.  “We’re looking forward to working with people from our community who are passionate, experienced and knowledgeable in forestry!”

There are lots of ways to keep in touch with the progress of this program, and there are suggestions below on how you can get involved.

Take a Student to Work

We are looking for people working in our coastal forest community to take a student(s) with them to work. Many people don’t understand the type of work you do, so show us! Lots of you have wonderful jobs that lead to spectacular days. We need to show students what you do!

I’ll match you with a student who is interested in your field of work so you’ll get a keen student excited to see what you do. The school district has been organising job shadows for years and has their own WCB coverage.

If you have a cool day planned and you’re excited to share your work and experiences in forestry with a keen student, contact Jason at jason.kerluck@sd72.bc.ca. This can be planned in advance or potentially arranged with short notice.

Thanks in advance for your support!

Class Presenter

Rick Monchak presents to a class of Carihi forestry students.

Share your forestry experiences with a keen forestry class. This class runs every weekday from 12 to 3 at Carihi Secondary School. We are always excited to hear about people’s adventures in forestry and their pathway to where they are now. Bring some photos, equipment, maps, or just come in for a chat. Rick Monchak, right, is seen talking to a previous class describing the concept of a raw log and giving out toblerone chocolate as motivation.

Host a Class Tour

The students in this class learn so much by seeing actual forestry work sites. We are flexible with times and getting to different locations, but we’re mostly available in the afternoons during the week (day trips are possible). Some highlights of this class are taking students out to different forestry locations in and around Campbell River. Not only do they learn about forestry, but they learn about how these companies/associations contribute to our local economy.

If you are interested in hosting a tour, contact Jason at jason.kerluck@sd72.bc.ca.

Student(s) Mentor

This program incorporates inquiry and project-based learning. Students choose topics of interest, research the topic and then present their learning back to the class. Other goals of this class are to teach and build employable skills, including working with professionals in our local community.

How can you help? I will assist in setting up a communication link between you and the student(s), where you would be answering questions and sharing your field of knowledge. This can be done in person, through emails, over the phone, and possibly conference calls or Facetime. The initial step is to email me about your interest to help, give me a quick description of your background and knowledge of strengths in forestry, and then wait for a reply.

Invest in Forestry Education

Carihi foretry students with company logos on their cruiser vests.

The Carihi Forestry Education Program is looking for forest groups to invest in forestry education. For the past five years, this program has accumulated appropriate forestry gear and equipment necessary to teach students current skills and theories within our developing forest sector.

We are still looking for assistance in acquiring personal forestry equipment for every student in the program, and potentially donating this equipment to students who pursue a career in our industry.

Here is how you can help!  Through a $250 donation, the program will be able to purchase a cruiser vest, clinometer, and compass. For an additional $100, students will be equipped with caulk boots as well. Donating groups will get their logo stitched onto the class vests, which will be used regularly by students in the program. There may be a small additional charge if your logo needs to be converted for stitching, however this only needs to be done once and can be used again in the future.