Here it is: another short, snappy video in a series of edited footage from a recent trip to a private managed forest on southern Vancouver Island.

The video above shows Joey, a technician in this orchestra of well-trained harvesting engineers, operating yet another instrument.

First, Dale impressed us with his harvester/processor skills. Then, we saw Bill gracefully maneuvering a feller buncher. After that, Grant showed us around a cable harvesting system, and we got to see Dale (there’s two of them) work magic with a grapple yarder.

Last, but not least, Joey demonstrates the art of stacking logs onto trucks with a loader (also known as a juicer).

It’s worth mentioning again: all the machines these guys operate are built, by Madill, right here on Vancouver Island, and have been since Sam Madill founded the company in 1911.

The logs you see in the video are headed for TimberWest’s Shoal Island log sort.

Thanks to Dave Barker and the workers from Malloch Logging for showing us around.

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