Meet Dale. Born and raised on Vancouver Island, Dale makes his living in B.C.’s forests. That’s right, he works in the woods. Dale harvests trees. He loves what he does and he does it well.

We ran into Dale at his office: a harvester-processor in a mixed stand forest on a piece of private land on Vancouver Island. Dale was happy to show us around. With damp coastal air against our skin and mud under our boots, we jumped at the chance to take a closer look.

The video below shows Dale at work — an impressive display of precision, timing and technique. With each push of a button, Dale makes a decision about the value of the logs he’s processing.

Along with the hum of the diesel engine, you’ll notice (or you will now) that the machine Dale operates, made by Madill, is built right here on Vancouver Island. Sam Madill founded the company in Nanaimo, B.C. in 1911. One hundred years later, Madill machinery is now built by Nicholson Manufacturing in Sidney, B.C.

Thanks to Dale for taking the time to give us a tour. Much appreciated.

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