PFLA is delighted to report another successful weekend connecting with forest owners, community members, enthusiastic school kids and families at the 145th annual Cowichan Exhibition.

Pictured above, Rod Bealing donned his favourite straw hat for the occasion and spent many sun-filled hours manning the PFLA info booth, dolling out newsletters, pamphlets, info sheets and conversation loaded with information about private forestry in BC. Along with treasured PFLA key fobs and fridge magnets, PFLA also handed out buckets of Douglas-fir and western red cedar seedlings to delighted exhibition goers.

This is PFLA’s third consecutive year at the Cowichan Exhibition and one of our favourite parts is hearing the stories and progress reports people tell about the trees they planted last year or the year before. If you happened by our booth, and you’re wondering how to care for your seedling, you can find planting tips for your seedling on our website.

Let’s be honest: Nothing says fun quite like transforming oddly shaped green vegetables into sleek racing machines and watching them propel down a plywood ramp into a pile of sawdust while crowds of enthusiastic onlookers wave their arms and cheer. That’s why we weren’t surprised when this year’s zucchini racing competition was another smashing success.

There’s no end to the creativity and excitement participants exhibit for their prized zucchinis. In fact, the event drew such a crowd this year we’ll have to relocate next year to accommodate the growing interest. Wonder what all the fuss is about? Check out more 2013 zucchini racing photos.

A big shout out of thanks to PFLA office manager, Ina Shah, for her help setting up and “personing” the PFLA info booth (the whole Shah family in fact), Russell Farms for co-sponsoring the zucchini race event with us, all the organizers and volunteers who make the Cowichan Exhibition happen and last, but not least, Adrian Bealing for his dedicated and skilled performance as race track official.